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About Riverside Garden Centre

Our roots go back to 1910!

It was then that the late Gordon Thorp, a skilled nurseryman, emigrated from Europe upon hearing about the exceptional growing conditions of the Okanaga Valley. His son, John, became one of the largest vegetable seed producers in the area and later expanded into the tree-fruit industry. The family is still in the fruit orchard industry today.

In this same family tradition, John's son, Greg, expanded into the commercial greenhouse business. In 1984, SAGE Greenhouses started growing hydroponic tomatoes and eventually Long English cucumbers. Starting with a fortunate gardening mishap, the business grew into the production of vegetable transplants for local commercial growers. Soon, local garden centres began requesting products such as vegetable and flower bedding plants and SAGE Greenhouses responded.

SAGE Greenhouses began distributing plants into the Okanagan and Similkameen valley, Washington state, and Calgary/ Edmonton areas! It wasn't until 2006 that SAGE Greenhouses became two identities SAGE remained wholesale and Riverside Greenhouse and Nursery became a retail outlet to the local community. 

The entrance to the Riverside Garden Centre.Riverside Greenhouse and Nursery is still a family business, still located on John Thorp's original farm in Oliver. It offers to the surrounding area quality bedding-plant and agriculture products as well as sincere service and customer support. In keeping with tradition, Riverside is always trying to best fill the customers needs.

SAGE Greenhouses and Riverside Greenhouse and Nursery are now a part of the Thorp Family Organic Farm Group.
All bio-Products have been grown in a GAP certified and organic environment.


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