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What We Sell


petuniasAnnuals equal colour.. and lots of it! Annuals are easy to care for and are the showiest plants for containers and beds.  Riverside's biggest selection of plants is annuals. From the old standards like lobelia, petunia and marigold to the newer arrivals like ipomea, osteospermum and cuphea! There is lots to choose from!



bedding plantsThe easiness of "plant it once" makes perennials so attractive. Often found in borders or ornamental beds, perennials are great for texture as well as colour. At Riverside there is a comprehensive selection to choose from. The perennials Riverside offers are selected for their ease in care and for the appropriate zones for the region. Many of these perennials are favorites for landscaping as well. Phlox, Cone-flower (Echinacea purpurea), grasses, and poppies are just the beginning!


Hanging Baskets

hanging basketsRiverside makes it's own hanging baskets. This means that the plants they contain have been selected because of their hardiness to the spring/summer conditions of the area. Some are more shade tolerant but most will do well if in full sun. They are also colour coordinated so one can have matching pairs!


Containers and Soils and Enhancers

pots and accessoriesAt Riverside the customers needs are what we strive to fill. So, in stock there is a selection of ceramic and a few fiberglass or plastic containers. There are many sizes and colours to choose from. Just in case that one spot by the back door was forgotten!

Also available is a great selection of soil- organic and conventional. As well as peat moss and soil enhancers that help to condition existing soils. There are lots of varieties and sizes to pick from. 


Fertilizers and the rest

boxesRiverside caries quite a few different fertilizers and plant foods. Organic plant food too! Riverside also has some pest control products- like Bobbex Deer Repellent, Safer's Soap and so on.

Riverside wouldn't be a good garden center with out a few handy garden tools! If one pokes around a bit one can also find a variety of garden "toys"- Things that add a little bit of charm to the garden. 

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