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Frequently Asked Questions about the Club

sale itemsWhat is The Garden Club?

The Garden Club is a group of like minded plant enthusiasts who happen to shop at Riverside Greenhouse and Nursery! No, really, we are not kidding. 

Why should I join the Club?

Joining this fabulous group of people gets you many exciting things.

  • Things like our weekly-deal coupons two days before they are in the newspaper. This way you get first pick!
  • Not to mention e-mail updates as to whats new and exciting at the garden center.
  • Along with this is advanced sale notification- so you will not miss out on anything.
  • And, as always, you get FREE service and friendly help!

What do you do with my information?

It becomes part of our contact list for our email newsletter. (Which you can unsubscribe from at any time.) That is all; nothing else is done with your information. Promise!

Our Garden Club


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